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For far too long, Wildlife Criminals have gotten away with illegally killing or illegally disturbing our wildlife in plain sight and without any real fear of being caught and brought to justice. Why?


Firstly, many of us don’t know what to look for or what we should do when we see a wildlife crime happening? For example how would you know if you had stumbled across a wildlife crime scene or not?

This is one of the reasons why too many crimes go unreported and too many wildlife criminals go free. Most criminals know the law so they can be pretty convincing and sneaky when it comes to covering the facts while actually breaking the law.

Secondly, Wildlife Crimes are not just happening in our countryside
they are an urban issue too. Illegal bird nest, bat roost and pond IMG_3821destruction are a few examples, but it is often in our open countryside where wildlife criminals blend in best and police forces are already stretched.

Many criminals feel comfortable in what they’re doing and with less people to worry about and large expanses of land they feel confident they’ll get away with it too: let’s be honest they’ve been doing it for years and far too often they have been able get away with it.

gamekeepercontrol2The laws designed to protect our wildlife simply aren’t enough to protect it, because there simply aren’t enough eyes watching for it to become a deterrent. That’s where we all come in!



WildlifeCrimeAware is here to change this, so how can you get involved?

We would like EVERYONE – People on their commute to work, Parents on School runs, birders, ramblers, mountain bikers, dog walkers, joggers and general outdoor lovers – to be extra an extra masspoisoningset ‘eyes and ears’ protecting our nations wildlife, firstly by becoming more WildlifeCrimeAware (we’ll help you do this) and secondly by making wildlife criminals feel like they’re standing out or being watched, forcing them to constantly look over their shoulders for someone, anyone who might be “Wildlife Crime Aware!” Add enough doubt into the equation and the few become the many in the eyes of the wrongdoers and we start to turn the tables.

Information Pages & Images

FennTrapA4We’ve been creating and will continue to create plain English versions of what is or isn’t a Wildlife Crime including images of Traps etc that are often used so you have the information to hand should you need it. Most of these have been created to allow you to save them onto your mobile phone too so you can carry the information with you at all times as a reference. You can find links to these tools in our menu.

FREE A4 PDF Printable Posters “We’re Watching!”

We’ve also created WildlifeCrimeAware_PUBLISH_APRIL2015samplesome FREE WildlifeCrimeAware A4 printable posters. These are there to protect your local wildlife by letting those people willing to break our Wildlife Laws know that there’s someone or many people in the area that are Wildlife Crime Aware. We know its you, but they won’t know who’s watching! Download your FREE posters now they’re available from our menu.

Appeals & Information

We know we can’t stop ALL Wildlife Crimes, well not quite yet anyway… but we can Appeal for witnesses after the fact and we can WildlifeCrimeAware_APPEALPAGE_PUBLISH_TMAPRIL2015samplealso push the news of Wildlife Crimes around social media too! We’ve created Appeal Posters so you can put them up locally if your local Wildlife has been targeted by Wildlife Criminals and you can let us know through our social media accounts so we can group together to find the law breakers and aid the police in finding information. These posters are also available from our menu.


Join us on Social Media

We use twitter and facebook to keep everyone up to date with new information, updates and news, not only about WildlifeCrimeAware but also about Wildlife Crimes as they are reported so why not join us on  twitter @wildcrimeaware and Facebook facebook.com/wildlifecrimeaware

WildlifeCrimeAware supporters Merchandise 

In order to raise much needed funds and spread our message further, we’ve created some supporters merchandise. These items are great conversation starters and we’ve been informed that they have already led to many people discussing wildlife crimes like never before. They not only show your support for what we’re doing, but they also help us financially so we can reach more people more quickly by getting to events and by producing more material etc. To take a look click here or  use our menu.








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