About Wildlife Crime Aware

Two innocent baby birds crying.

Innocent wildlife has suffered for far too long. Criminals have gotten away with illegally killing, harming and disturbing wildlife. Animals have been harmed intentionally and unintentionally by people on a daily basis.Whether intentional or unintentional, it’s wrong to cause pain and suffering to wildlife.

Those who inflict suffering upon animals with the intentions to do so are downright criminals. And in many areas of the world, they are indeed criminals by law.

Damage and suffering to wildlife through neglect and lack of compassion may or may not be done intentionally or unintentionally by some. Regardless of the intent or lack of intent, it is wrong, and it is cruel.

The suffering endured by wildlife has not stopped, nor has it gone down by much even after all these years. Why?

  • We are not informed enough.
  • We don’t know what we should do, and what to do.
  • We don’t take action.

Many of us, who possesses the capacity to care, are not well-informed. If a wildlife crime happens around us, chances are we aren’t able to spot it—because we don’t know what a wildlife crime is. We may be thinking, “That’s wrong,” but the crime is committed anyways, and the criminal gets away.

We don’t know what to do. Even if we see something that we think is wrong, even if we know it’s a crime, we still don’t know the proper actions to take to help prevent it from happening again. If a wildlife crime is being committed, the offender needs to be made liable for their intended actions.

No action is taken. Even if we know how to spot a crime, and are well informed of the proper procedures, we do not take action. If we do not do anything, no consequences are felt, and change will not happen.

Wildlife crimes and wrongdoing are happening everywhere. They are not just happening in the countryside. They are happening in urban settings as well.

Together We’re Going to Make a Change

Join together to make a change; to save wildlife.

Because criminals and wrongdoers do not answer for their wrongdoings, they have become too comfortable. Those who harm with intent will continue to do so. Those who lack compassion will continue to not care and as a result cause suffering.

If we gather and work together, we can become the eyes that see these crimes and wrongdoings. We can become the voice that yells, “STOP!”We can become the deterrence that will make someone think twice before they cause harm to wildlife. We make them answer for their wrongdoings (legally). We take the appropriate steps to make sure the proper authorities can prosecute and make them answer for their crimes and wrongdoings.

Then there are those who do care but are unknowingly causing harm to wildlife. Because they do not know that what they are doing is harmful, they continue to do so and end up hurting innocent animals.

How You Can Get Involved

Anyone can get involved. YOU can get involved and join our movement by just doing a few simple things.


Keep an eye out while you’re out an about daily with your life.  During your commute to work, keep an eye out for these things. While walking your dog, watch. If you’re out for your daily jog, keep an ear out and an eye open.

The more watches we have, the easier it will be to catch these wrongdoings. The more watchers there are, the more uncomfortable they (those who don’t care) will be.

If they know we are watching, they will be less likely to commit their crime. If they know we are waiting and watching, they will be more considerate towards the well-being of their wildlife neighbors.


Learn to be more wildlife crime and wrongdoing aware. We are here to help you with this step. Take a few minutes to learn to spot a wildlife crime.

If you’re here, then you have a good heart, and really, that’s all that’s really needed to guide you. You can spot a wrong from a right. If it looks like it’s wrong, then it’s probably wrong. Just in case you’re not entirely sure, we’re here to discuss and inform.

Not only should learn to spot a crime, but you also need to learn what could be harmful to animal wildlife. Knowing what could cause wildlife harm will help you avoid it. If we all band together and stop doing hurtful things, the amount of suffering that animals have to endure will go down.

Once we learn and become aware, we can help spread the knowledge to those around us. We can kindly educate others if they are causing harm without knowing. The more people know, the higher the benefit to all wildlife.


Doing something—taking action—to put a stop to wrongdoing is probably the most critical step. If we only see, but we don’t do something to stop it, then it all becomes pointless.

Those who knowingly choose to cause harm will not stop unless they know someone will do something. If they know no one will do anything, they will not stop.

Don't just watch. Do something to help put a stop to the suffering.

We’re Here to Help

We really wish there was something we can help make this more comfortable for you–to make you take that step towards helping end the suffering—but there isn’t much. All we can do is ask, that you do something about it. Well..and provide some free resources that will help.

Information & Images

We’ve been working hard at creating freely available information to help educate about wildlife crimes, and things that are/can be harmful to wildlife. This is always a work in progress, and we will continue to do our best.

You can help with this step, and we welcome your help. If you have additional information that will be beneficial to us all, please share them with us. If you have images and graphics that will help with this mission, please help share it with us and others.

We have done our best to make sure access to the information is convenient and easily accessible. If you happen to have your cell phone on you, just pull up this website to access the information. Any info and graphics created for the purpose of Wildlife Life Crime and Damage Awareness can be printed and distributed in its unaltered form.

We are also teaming up with other resources online to help spread correct, and proper information. This is particularity vital for those who unknowingly cause harm to wildlife due to ignorance. We hope that through proper education, we can help to reduce this issue. To do that, we have teamed up with online information hubs like Pest End, and many others to share and and educate.

Appeals and Information

Some people may not feel comfortable with confrontations, and they may not feel comfortable with having to deal with authorities.

If you’ve spotted a wildlife crime or crime towards animals, reach out to us. We can stand together and help the proper authorities put a stop to them. Together, we can overcome to discomfort and together we can work towards always taking action to put a stop to the cruelty.